Introduction to Self-Service Business Intelligence and Natural Language Reporting

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Business Intelligence, commonly known as reporting or analytics, is meant to make life easier. It’s about giving you enough information in the form of tables or charts to take the right decision instantly. It’s about structuring, computing and displaying your data to make your decision process effortless.

Well in theory for sure! We all know that in real life, it requires asking the IT department to deliver that information. The waiting game then begins to sometimes last for days on end, and is seldom in time with the decision process anyway.
But why depend on IT when you could do everything yourself?

Self-Service Business Intelligence

Self-service Business Intelligence’s goal is to empower users with the ability to access their data on their own terms and without having to involve the IT department (you will still need the IT folks to populate the data though, so don’t throw away their number just yet). In other words, with self-service reporting the need to outsource parts or all of the data finding process disappears: if you want answers you can get them immediately on your own.

Take SAP Business Objects Explorer for instance. Here you have it, a full-feature self-service reporting application that lets you create reports on your own with no outside help. Sounds great? Sure does, but what if you had no technical skills whatsoever? Won’t self-service analytics be a problem down the road, when you’ll be getting a mysterious SQL error instead of a nice multicolored pie chart? Won’t self-service BI be a big disappointment when you realize that you don’t really know how to properly search and ask questions to your data?

Natural Language Business Intelligence

Not if you can ask your questions in plain English that is.

Imagine an environment where asking: “What is John’s phone number?” would actually turn up John’s phone number. Or ask about yesterday’ sales ranking by product category and point of sale, and get the correct answer right away. Wouldn’t that be better?

And we’re not talking about a Google-like environment where everybody is looking into everybody’s data, and where results are the highest probable instead of the 100% correct results.

We’re talking about a solution where you could literally ask your own questions to your enterprise data and get your own results; the results you were looking for. We’re talking about a Natural Language Business Intelligence world where self-service reporting would meet natural language analytics.

That world exists and its name is Qwalytics (watch a demo)

Stay tuned for the next article! In the meantime, remember: Natural Language Business Intelligence is about making your life easier.

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